What are phospholipids

Phospholipids are an important part of cells. Phospholipids form the structural part of the surface of the cell membranes including the membranes within the cells. They help to maintain the flexibility and strength of the cells. 

In addition to being important components of the cells, phospholipids carry long-chain omega-3s EPA and DHA into our cell membranes. These omega-3 fatty acids are present in krill oil capsules. These ingredients provide flexibility to our cells and travel around the body to provide benefits to our organs and tissues.

Phospholipids And Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Omega-3 fatty acids are important, with a recent study proving that a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids could increase the chances of heart attack. Where can we find both phospholipids and omega-3 fatty acids? Both the important components can only be found in a few places including the krill oil and fish oil.

In krill oil capsules, the majority of the EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are bound to phospholipids. In other marine oils, omega-3 fatty acids have EPA and DHA bound to the triglycerides. These are the forms of fats our body uses for energy. Triglycerides can be stored as body fat for our future needs of energy. 

Phospholipids And Triglycerides

The characteristics of triglycerides are different from phospholipids. This affects the way it is tolerated by our bodies. Triglycerides do not disperse and float on the top of the fluids of stomach fluids. This results in burps associated with the supplements of fish oil.

On the other hand, phospholipid omega-3s disperse in water and get blended into the stomach fluids. There is no fishy taste when you consume krill oil supplements.

What Role Does Phospholipids Play In Cell Function?

As important components of cell membranes, phospholipids provide structure and shape to the tissues and cells. 

Phospholipids are important nutrients that we need in our diet to help in absorbing

fat-soluble nutrients and fats such as omega-3 acids. Phospholipids store these fats in a shell-like structure and allow them to be absorbed and dispersed throughout the body.

Do Krill Oil Capsules Contain Phospholipids? 

The answer to this question is yes. Krill oil capsules contain omega-3 fatty acids that take the phospholipid form. In fish oils, phospholipids are bound to ethyl esters or triglycerides. The amount of phospholipids in fish oil is between 1% and 1.5%, whereas the amount extracted from krill is 40%.

Phospholipids present in krill oil supplements transport Omega-3 fatty acids to critical organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and joints. According to research, phospholipid-bound omega-3 fatty acids are effectively absorbed into the cell membranes. They are distributed to the areas that need it the most.

An advantage of krill oil is that the omega-3 fatty acids are bound to phospholipids.

This important difference has many implications for the function, absorption, and health effects of the omega-3 fatty acids that you are consuming. Consuming phospholipid-bound omega-3 fatty acids can support your overall wellness in many ways. Pure krill capsules in particular have been linked to improved brain and heart function. 

A study suggests that taking krill oil supplements is more effective than fish oil supplements in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol. In addition to being good for the heart, a study has also indicated that phospholipid-rich krill oil capsules can promote cognitive performance. 

What Role Does Phospholipids Play In Our Body?

Phospholipids play an important role in health and are involved in biological processes. For example, phospholipids are an important component of cell membranes. It separates the interior of cells from the outer environment and gives the cell a structure. In our diet, phospholipids are required to support the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients and fats like omega-3 fatty acids. You can get phospholipids by consuming krill oil supplements.

Advantages Of Phospholipids 

An average dose of 1.875 grams of krill oil leads to normal triglyceride levels compared to the baseline. This proves that taking krill oil supports heart health.

Some studies have suggested that phospholipid-rich krill oil supports cognitive function and brain health.

Krill oil regulates the body’s inflammatory response according to recent research.

Although phospholipid-rich supplements have been associated with benefits, more research is needed. 


Research has shown that phospholipid-bound omega-3 fatty acids are efficiently incorporated into the cell membranes and delivered to the places that require them the most. 

Omega-3 Index

Pure krill capsules raise the Omega-3 Index, which reduces the risk of heart disease. It is advised to consume krill oil capsules daily. Refer to your doctor to know the recommended dose of krill oil capsules.

Final words

Phospholipids are important for health. It performs several roles in the body, acting as an important component of cellular membranes. It facilitates the transportation and absorption of important omega-3 fatty acids throughout the body. Research suggests that taking phospholipid-rich omega-3 fatty acids supplements like krill oil capsules benefits our health in several ways. Consider buying krill oil supplements from Nutrozana. This would be one such decision which you will never regret.